It's Time for Lunch


Lunch usually revolves just around the word "hungry." But lunch a couple of weeks ago focused on three words: Hungry, Humble and Smart.  

Hungry = willing do your job and even more.
Humble = willing to give credit to others for a job well done.
Smart = understanding and acting appropriately to the dynamics and emotions on your team.

And all that was just a review of part one in the two-part video series: The Ideal Team Player. Part two of the series digs a little deeper into the three characteristics of a great team.

We will have our second group of sessions the week of November 13. 

Just as before we will offer the lunch discussions on three days so that everyone has a chance to participate.  You can sign up for your preference below.

A big shout out to the seventeen of you who attended session one.  

If you were not able to attend the first session you can still participate in session two. The only requirement for attending the second Right Now Lunch is to watch the videos and sign up for a time. (Note, you do not have to clock out for lunch to attend.  Just change your status to "meeting".)