In Health News Today


Breaking news on the health front today,

“It is now easier to take advantage of the Health Benefit at Brindlee.  The policy has been changed to benefit you.”


The past policy was: join a gym and make four visits a month. Every month bring in a report showing that you did this and $40 dollars would be added to your payroll check.

The goal of the benefit is to encourage you, as employees of Brindlee to work toward being physically fit. Obviously there many other options for staying active other than going to the gym so the policy has changed.

You can now take advantage of the BMFA Health Benefit in these ways:

  1. join a gym and turn in a report, to Finance, showing you visited the gym four times during the month or
  2. track 60 minutes of activity each week. Do this through a fitness app or by using a BMFA Activity Counts form that can be picked up at the receptionist desk and then turned into FInance. 
  3. Buy a piece of fitness equipment, turn in the receipt and $40 dollars a month will be applied to your check until the amount is reimbursed. 

This change is for you.

If you have questions about the benefit please ask.