Most months the Brindlee Team gathers for a company-wide meeting and every month the same team has the chance to participate in a short communion/Lord Supper devotion time. This month the two meetings were schedule on the same day, starting with communion and leading into the meeting.

We invite a local minister to come and lead. This time Keith Miller from Life’s Journey Church led. His points for us to remember were:

  1. We are to know God

  2. We are to know the freedom God gives us through Christ.

  3. We are to realize there is clarity in following Christ.

  4. God puts people in our lives to do life with help us be all that Christ wants us to be. Are we open to that?

The company time kicked off by celebrating our people, their accomplishments (birthdays, anniversaries and workaversaries) and the value they bring to the company.

We quickly jumped into a section where we shared Thanksgiving memories. It was great to see the team getting to know each other by sharing life stories. From there it was an easy transition to focus on one of our company core values, Gratitude.  Obviously we are grateful for the success of the business however the foundation of this value is not what has been accomplished but Who brought the success. We truly believe this is God.

One of the memorable moments of the meeting was its ending. 

In just a few days one of our team members is getting married. We believe in supporting the employees and their families and there is no better way to get that started then by praying over and for the soon to be newlywed.  

It was a great sight seeing the team gather around Zack praying for him asking God to give him wisdom to be the spiritual lead in his home.

Thanksgiving is just a week away. Most people celebrate over a big meal. We celebrate Thanksgiving often because we are truly grateful for this place on Brindlee Mountain.

As you look through the pictures you will see:

  • Keith leading communion

  • Glyn talking about gratitude

  • Our boss, James, speaking

  • Tim our comedian speaking

  • a father and daughter getting to share a moment

  • and the prayer for Zack

Michael Smith