What Would You Do?

Arriving home from a recent shopping trip you check the receipt and realize the store made a mistake on how much you were charged, what would you do?

If the mistake resulted in being ‘over-charged’ it wouldn’t take us long to jump in the car and head back to the store for a refund.

But, what would be our response if we realized we were ‘under-charged?’


Recently, Brindlee rented a carpet cleaner from Home Depot and at the same time purchased needed supplies. Arriving back on campus the employee making the supply run noticed we had been ‘under-charged.’


When it was time to return the carpet cleaner, our employee tried to make good on the ‘under-charge.’ Home Depot, said there was no reason to pay the money, granted it was over $200.00.

Our employee didn’t think it was right and mentioned it to a person in leadership. This employee went back to Home Depot and insisted on paying and zeroing out the bill.

The Home Depot employee was blown away witnessing our employees going out of their way to pay the bill.

But this is how we operate.

Troy Lowery.2.jpg

Thank you, Troy, for doing the right thing, insisting we go back to Home Depot and paying the right amount.

Thank you, Troy, for living out our core value of “Integrity.