Helping our Customers Serve

Our mission…be excellent in every aspect of buying, selling, and fixing used fire trucks!

That is what we do to really produce what we do…help customers keep the best fire apparatus they can afford serving their community or company.

We could easily fall into the thought routine that we help our customer get something newer, with more features.

In some cases it is not something newer but a specific apparatus

These guys are a steel plant and are badly in need of a few items to make their fire department more efficient.  One of the things they need is a rolling toolbox truck that won't leave the plant but can carry a bunch of their gear.  They had thought because of their limited budget that they would have to buy a "Coke truck" and that was their expectation.  When they found this 1983 Hahn on our website and it was within their budget they were ecstatic.  The Chief drove over yesterday and saw the truck he was even more ecstatic. 

That could have been the end of the story but it goes further.

The sales representative, Jeremy, was relaying to a co-worker, Sam, how happy the Chief was. Same then spoke some truth: “God set it up so that we would have this truck and be able to be a blessing to this guy and to his fire department.”

We always demonstrate sincere GRATITUDE for business and relationships.

Here are some other fun, facts about this truck and its history at Brindlee.

10330 (4).JPG

from James

Wow - awesome - for the record Tom S. told us, this was either the first Saulsbury or the first rescue truck period ever built with roll up doors. We have also learned this truck was on display at FDIC the year it was new.

from Billy

The first time this truck was on our campus was my first customer hosting trip that I made when coming to work at Brindlee. In September, 2003 Alan Kirby from Florette came up to the shop. James and I walked out to see him and James told me to sell him the truck while he stood with me. I tried, James corrected whatever I did wrong, and I worked to fix it. Despite this, he bought the truck. And basically James and I are still doing the same thing today.