It Happens All The Time

When we think of collaboration we often visualize a specific team gathered to discuss a project seeking a solution to a problem. However, collaboration can be demonstrated across teams.

For us that might mean the purchasing team collaborating with sales to help a customer set a price on a truck.


The sales team reaching out to operations to help them find a fix for a truck to satisfy a customer.

Often these collaborations are planned but then again they happen on short notice as needed.

Here is what one of our sales reps communicated about a recent collaboration:

When we went to crank the truck it wouldn’t crank because it has been sitting for a while.  Our Technicians stopped what they were doing and went down and got this truck running which enabled us to be a blessing to this FD and allowed us to sell it.  I’m so thankful for the willingness of our techs to help whenever help is needed.

This wasn’t an isolated incident of collaboration…it happens all the time.

We are thankful for a team of teams that goes out of their way to help us live out our mission of being excellent in every aspect of buying, selling, and fixing used fire trucks.