Standing On The Promises

The first line of an old gospel song states: ‘Standing on the promises.”

Each employee of Brindlee Mountain, as a part of their on-boarding process, participates in “Level 1 Training.” Early in that training session they hear this statement:

You were hired based on the unique giftedness and talents which you bring to the BMFA team.

Which is then quickly follow by this:

As a company, we pledge to provide opportunities for personal growth as it relates to life and work.

The leadership at Brindlee believes when every employee is the best person they can be, in all aspects of their life, then they will be exactly what Brindlee needs.

Throughout the year training is offered in specific work related topics and other times there are seminars or classes which are just about ‘life.’

A few years ago Brindlee offered and had people go through Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey. We are going to do it again, but this time the course has changed a little as it has been redesigned to be offered in the workplace.

The new program is called Smart Dollar.

Smart Dollar is the business version of Financial Peace University. It's all digital content that can be watched anywhere there's an internet connection. Smart Dollar will be available to all employees.

You will receive the material, watch the videos on your own and in groups those participating will get together for discussions.

The tentative launch date is June 24, 2019.

Be watching for an email giving you details on how to register.

Here is a short intro from the Smart Money website.

Smart money works harder!

Believe it or not, you probably have more room in your budget than you think. But to find that extra money, you need to have a plan.

SmartDollar will help you with that plan and it is launching soon at no cost to you. After only one year in the program, the average SmartDollar user has seen an average financial turnaround of over $15,500. You can too!

Get a sneak peak of SmartDollar by watching this video!

Our dream is for you to be the best person you can be. Offering Smart Money is just one way we stand on our promise to help you become that person.