Trash Pickup Demonstrates Who We Are

A story has been repeated often, in the early days of the company our owner would intentionally leave a piece of trash in an obvious place. He would then wait to see who would walk by and who stopped to pick it up.

The simple act of picking up the trash demonstrates two of our Core Values: excellence and service.


In the last few days a few of us were witness to a unique demonstration of the simple act of ‘trash pickup.’

Monthly we have an extended devotion time on our campus across the pond from the office building. Walking to the pond many noticed a trash can had been turned over and its contents were being blown around.

At the end of the meeting one of our employees went out of their way to secure a trash bag and assume the job of retrieving all the scattered trash. It wasn’t his job but it is our culture.

A big thank you to Matt Hand for living out Brindlee values.

Every action we take can and should reflect our values.

Deliver what is promised with EXCELLENCE.

Display a spirit of SERVICE to customer, community and each other.

Demonstrate sincere GRATITUDE for business and relationships.

Execute all business dealings with INTEGRITY.