You do great work

What once was red is now green.

What once was worn is now restored.

What arrived on our campus in a state of ’needs attention’ leaves ‘ready to serve.’

The transformation is because you do great work.

These before pictures are of a truck ready for updates after serving a community well for years.  Instead of being stored, we acquired it so it could be restored.

These after picture show a truck ready to leave our campus

Our purchasing team acquired the truck.

Our sales team found a community in need.

Our operations team updated the truck.

Our finance/logistic team processed the paper work.

Now, this truck will serve again.

Our owner has stated:  "the conception of this company was birthed out of my desire to see a community fire company have the best equipment their funds could afford.”

This transformation is another example of you fulfilling that dream. You do great work.