The Visible and Invisible

A picture says a lot but it is doesn't tell the whole story.

Our mission is to be the best at buying, selling and fixing fire trucks and in doing so we have opportunities and the great privilege to support Fire Departments around the US and other countries.

Today we were thrilled to partner with a Fire Department from Guatemala.  They came to campus to pick-up a 'used fire truck' which will be an upgrade for their department.

The Visible

What you see in the pictures is our team praying over the Guatemala team and the truck they will drive away.  We believe doing the best job possible and in the process give God thanks and praise for the work.

The Invisible

Every compartment on the truck has been filled with turnout gear that will also be an upgrade for the department.  This was a donation from a local department who expressly wanted us to find a home for it outside of the US.

We are thankful for the work and thankful for the opportunity to serve.