It's Viral


If you touch it you might get it.

We will go out of our way to avoid anyone with a virus. 

If you touch it and get it then you might spread it.

Other things can go viral not just those that make you physically sick.

You have heard the phrase 'it went viral.'  It often refers to something on the internet from a social media post to a website. One person's post touches others and they share it. 

You have probably been a victim that has helped make something 'viral.' You were touched by humor, political content or how your favorite team was praised and you quickly spread the news through your channels.  

That's viral.

Brindlee regularly posts to its website and social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  And you have made some of these viral by touching them and sharing.

Thank you.  

We would love for you to follow us through social media and if something touches you help us make it viral. Here's how you can make Brindlee a viral presence in the social media world.

  • Share a timeline post. Hit the share button on a Facebook post so that it will show up on your timeline.
  • Tag Brindlee. When you make a personal post about something great happening at Brindlee, tag us so that we can be notified.
  • Share a web posting or listing. Copy the link to a web post or listing and then post them to your sites.

Brindlee is a great place to work and we are happy to let others know, so let's spread our culture by making it 'viral.'