Back by Popular Demand


Who plays volleyball? The staff of Brindlee!

When cold weather showed up back in the winter of 2016, the weekly volleyball game was forced to be put hold.

Over the last few weeks the weather has been warming up and it brings with it the repeated question: ‘are we going to play volleyball again this year?'

The answer ‘yes.’

The game is back on.  People from every department of Brindlee put down their tools, turned off their computers and headed out to the front lawn. From 4:00-5:00pm grown men and women acted like school age children as they tried to get the ball across the net. There was a little competition but much more laughing.

Volleyball will continue each week, unless it gets too hot or winter shows up again.  But even then the question will still circle in the office, “are we going to play volleyball again this year?"