Our Volunteer Firefighters

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus helps meet and support the needs of local fire departments across this country and also in others. This is done by trying to be the best at buying, selling and fixing fire trucks.

Locally the team at BMFA team takes it a step further.

Currently, there are 15 employees at Brindlee who have made the decision to volunteer and take on the responsibilities of a firefighter. Engine 4 of the Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department is staged on our campus. When a call comes into that department the trained employees of BMFA are ready to respond and often do assisting as needed.

They do so at the risk of late night phone calls and trips into dangerous areas. They already maintain jobs at BMFA as sales representatives, workshop technicians, and other various jobs.

When asked recently the volunteer firefighters on our staff all say they love this responsibility and are very glad they made the decision to volunteer. They love the way it allows them to serve the community, maintain their skills, and satisfy their cravings for an adrenaline rush.