We Have To Keep This


Have you ever been task to clean out a closet or the garage with the goal of throwing out the unused/unwanted items? Have you ever found something that you just couldn’t throw away, in fact, you say to yourself, ‘we have to keep this’?

Our company prayer time happens each day in lobby of the lower shop. That’s also the place we store our prayer request book. But on a recent ‘clean-up’ of the upper shop a misplaced ‘prayer book’ was found.

Here is how Tim related the story of the misplaced prayer book.

Gabe brought me an old prayer request book he found when they were cleaning up in the upper shop. It's like an old worn out Bible. You can't really bring yourself to throw it away.

I flipped through the pages, looking at some of the prayer request.

In early 2014, every day, there's a line with Michael McCollum and our troops on there where we prayed for their safety.

So even now we need to take a minute to thank God for bringing him home safely to us and more importantly to his family.

There are a lot of our people and their families listed for various reasons. Jeff McMunn is on there a lot so isDavid Brown and his family.

Ray one of our contacts at Spartan fire is there.

We prayed often for various team members as they traveled, and tons more. There's even request for people we didn't even know names for.

As I looked through the book, I was overwhelmed at the love I saw in the pages for others. You guys love each other well. 

We can't throw away this prayer book. There were to many times we used it to cry out to God.

Sometime when you get a chance, come flip through it and if there's a request you mentioned, think about how God answered your prayer - maybe you're still waiting on Him to answer. Sometimes He says yes, sometimes He says wait - and sometimes He says no - but be assured, He will always answer. 

The prayer book is in the end table in the lobby if you want to look at it.

Yes…we have to keep this book because it reminds us of how we care for each other and also how God answers prayer.

It is also a great challenge to find our own personal prayer lists, read them again and be amazed at how God answers prayer for our good and His glory.