Almost New

  • Buy or list a surplus trucks they do not need or need to upgrade. Providing funds for future purchases. (buy or list)

  • Sell them a newer used truck to better protect their people. (inventory or broker)

  • Fix a truck to keep, upgrading its condition, to keep it on the road a longer time.

Let’s talk about fixing for a minute. Our team has great relationships with local departments as they help them perform preventive maintenance, keep a truck serving.

Every year the ‘fix’ team works on trucks that have been in a collision; partnering with insurance companies and fire department to get a truck back on the road serving.

The ‘fix’ team also multiple hours re-working our inventory sales trucks to update them to a new department’s standards.


And then there are the instances when the ‘fix’ team helps a department by completely refurbishing one of their trucks to give it an extended life in service. A case in point is the recently completed Anniston, Alabama project.

This project started as a request from the city of Anniston to submit a bid to refurbish one of their trucks. We won the bid and the truck arrived on campus a few weeks later. From there the truck hit all the areas of our shop: fabrication, parts, service and paint.

Now the job is complete, ‘fix’ team great job.

Anniston, Alabama now has an ‘almost new’ fire truck ready to serve their community.