Here is What They Said

The first Lunch with James is in the books. Eight employees attended the first session and you have probably already heard some of what went on at the meeting from them.


Here is what they said when asked this question: What did you enjoy most about the Lunch with James?

“the chance to hear from him in a smaller relaxed setting with no agenda=priceless”

“free flow of comments, questions and thoughts with no particular agenda”

“As a new employee, I really appreciate the history and context James gave to many of his answers. No question about our future direction as a company makes full sense without understanding its connection to where we've been. I find these conversations fascinating and makes me grateful to be an employee of BMFA.”

“The honesty in which James shares the important information about the company was refreshing.”

“Just the candid question and answer session.”

“The fellowship with him and my coworkers.”

The second Lunch with James session is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5 at 12:00 noon.


Remember food is provided and these lunches are open to every employee and every employee will have a chance to participate.

Now, who wants to reserve their place at the table on Tuesday, February 5?

To reserve your place at the table follow this link to register: Lunch With James Session Two.