It’s that time of year, you know, the time when we set goals to reach or resolutions to live by.

Did you set goals for 2019? If so, it is not too late and we want to help you. Here’s what we said last year and its still the same for 2019. My Goals Are.

Goals are easy to set, review and adjust as the year goes along. They can still be hard to accomplish as it takes consistency but that is where a resolution can help.

Resolutions are more about the way you live instead of things you want to accomplish. A resolution could also be called a ‘life value’. Those things that drive multiple decisions throughout the year. Its those values which could help you stay on track to reach a goal.

On this, the first day back to work in 2019 Nathan lead our devotion time and shared a story about a man who lived a few hundred years ago, Jonathon Edwards who chose to document the ‘resolutes’ he wanted to live by. In his lifetime that list grew to around 70 resolutes or values that drove all the actions of his living. You can find the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards here: The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards.

Nathan encouraged us to define our resolutions but cautioned to keep the list shorter than 70. As we consider what we want to change in our lives, his challenge was for us to shape our resolutions around these three statements.

  • For the glory of God. Let everything we do bring glory to God and if it doesn’t, evaluate if it needs to be done.

  • By the power of God. Realize we can accomplish much more relying on the Power of God rather than our own human limitations.

  • In the grace of God. Recognize we all fall short of God’s expectations but we are all covered and forgiven by His grace.

I will do ___Resolution___ for the glory of God.

I can accomplish ___Resolution___ by the power of God.

I live out ___Resolution___ in the grace of God.

Brindlee has a set of values, resolutions, that drive all of our decisions: A Value Statement.

Does seeing the difference between goals and resolutions make you re-think what you want to accomplish or how you want to live in 2019?