A Different Point of View

Most of us are creatures of habit. The alarm goes off at the same time most days. We drive the same route to work, park in the same spot and even walk to our job space the same.

in doing so we can become blind too many of surroundings as we only focus on the task at hand.

But what if we intentionally made changes to our routine, what would we see?

We are blessed to that our place of employment is in a picturesque environment, but do we stop and look?

The trucks that fill our property are an amazing piece of machinery, in their scope and in detail.

The landscape is a reminder of God’s creation and His creativity.

The machinery is also a reminder of God and how gifts people to do some amazing things.

The next time you come to work, drive a different way, go a different speed, walk to your job around some trucks or around the pond. When you do you might just be amazed at what you see.