Trash Talk

In the south, there are four seasons in the year: pollen, summer, hurricane, and college football. At the moment we are in the overlap period between hurricane and football.

The conversations, every Monday during this season, start with some good-natured ‘trash talk’ about the weekend games.

Those whose team had a win there seems to be a pep in their step and ready to talk — those whose team suffered a loss head to straight to their workstation. Somewhere, sometime during the day, these two will cross paths.

In celebration of the football season, our sales team decided to throw a lunch party and invite every member of the BMFA team. Yes, there was a little trash talk, all in good fun and there was a lot of smoked meat.

A big thanks to the Sales team for providing and cooking the meat. Also, thank you to everyone else who contributed to the spread.

College football in the south is a BIG DEAL, and each team works hard to be the best every time they step on the field. It’s the same for the Brindlee Mountain team. We work hard to be the best so that our customers can serve their communities. But while doing this, we still make time to have a little fun and engage in a bit of trash talk.