A Sweet Summer Break

Mid summer in Alabama can see a heat index of well over 100. The temperature may be in the 90s and the humidity not far behind.

The Tuesday routine is usually volleyball at 4:00 PM on the front lawn, but yesterday we hit pause to celebrate summer in a different way, "watermelon for everyone."

There is nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than cold, sweet watermelon.

It was fun to see everyone enjoy the break in their own way. Some picked it up with both hands and ate it like a popsicle. Others went searching for the salt shaker and still, others found the black pepper. 

We would love to know how you like to eat watermelon, plain, with salt or pepper, with a knife and fork or maybe you are like some of the BMFA team, you just pick it up with both hands.


How do you eat watermelon?