an act of sharing.

When you do a quick search on the word 'communion' these results are at the top of the list:

  • an act or instance of sharing.

  • intimate fellowship or rapport.

Walking around Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus you quickly sense there is an atmosphere that reflects those two statements. It happens almost every day, someone in one or more departments will say, 'this is a great place to work.' You see people working hard, but you also feel that there is something different-these people care about each other.

Yes, the people of Brindlee are great to work with, but the underlying factor of what drives the culture can be found in the other meanings of the word 'communion.'

  • a Christian sacrament in which consecrated bread and wine are consumed as memorials of Christ's death or as symbols for the realization of a spiritual union between Christ and communicant or as the body and blood of Christ.

  • a body of Christians having a common faith and discipline

The values that drive the culture at Brindlee Mountain are based on the sacrifice that is celebrated through communion. One man giving all he had so that all might experience life in its fullest.

Every day the employees are invited to a short devotion and prayer time, but once a month we stop for a longer time to remember Christ's sacrifice through the celebration of communion.

Communion is fellowship and sharing but it is also remembering a great sacrifice, celebrating a perfect life and giving thanks for what that means to us.