How about them WIGs?


When you are new to a company, church or any organization you will quickly discover the 'secret' language spoken or new-to-you vocabulary that is being interjected into conversations.

Every organization has its own language and acronyms. 

  • ISS - international space station
  • CREW - a team of church volunteers
  • IMB - international mission board
  • ERLC - Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
  • VO2Max - a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use.
  • SEC - not the securities and exchange commission but the more important organization here in the south. "is it football time?"

How about these BMFA terms

  • RC - ring central
  • HOD - hold on delivery
  • PDI - pre delivery inspection
  • ERP - enterprise resource planning
  • SCBA - self-contained breathing apparatus
  • PPCOGS - prior period cost of goods sold
    • this list could go on forever...

And then there is WIG.  Have you heard this term the last few months and wondered, 'what does that mean?' It stands for Wildly Important Goal

When the leadership team meets they are discussing the WIGs. You may wonder where they got the term. Well, it came from the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution. In the video posted below you can get a great overview of the book's content.  And if that peaks your interest and you want to dig deeper we will get you a copy of the book. (Let Michael know and he will make sure you get your copy.)