Boys and Fire trucks

The invitation to visit is always open. We just want to make sure everyone follows a few safety instructions. On a recent Saturday one family wanted to take us up on the invite to visit, however, there was no one available to host them.  We told them to come on anyway and feel free to walk the property.

To the family’s surprise, the gate was open and there was a flurry of activity.  Proceeding through the gate they parked near the office and immediately were welcomed by an employee who was hosting customers.

Much more to the family’s surprise was the willingness of the employee to give them a tour, including a ride in a truck.  Here is what the father said.


I was driving south to Brindlee with my son, daughter, wife, and my sister fully planning on hopping over the fence (with permission ; ) and walking around fire trucks. That alone would have made my son’s day. I was already blessed to get to do that so to my surprise when the gate was open on arrival I had no idea what was in store. We almost parked outside the gate in case an employee would leave and lock us in by mistake, but my sister spurred me on to drive in.

As we drove in we saw the largest truck on the lot, ladder in the air and a crew of firemen around it. As you can imagine my son was pushed up in his car seat as far as the 5 point harness would allow. We parked and all hopped out just amazed at what we were seeing as the ladder went higher and higher in the piercing blue sky. Ray was so excited - saying Hi to the firemen from North Carolina (I think) when from behind me up walks Jeremy McCoy - I didn’t realize anyone was in the office. He was so welcoming, invited us to use the restrooms and showed my family the 5-star treatment in every way.


He took us over to the feeding shed, showed us how and what to feed to the animals and really gave us the keys to my sons greatest adventure land - I was so honored! I couldn’t contain my son’s excitement. With just a few moments of thoughtfulness, Jeremy had turned my son’s visit into the greatest adventure.

We enjoyed the animals, feeding them. Even the geese that kinda chased us down, ha! After my son had his fill of all the fire trucks on the lot, feeding animals, looking for catfish, avoiding the geese - I could tell the kiddos were getting a little tired. We returned to our car, giving any fireman we could find a high-five.

When we arrived at our car we were greeted by Jeremy again. He had children’s fire hats with him and once again my kids' energy was restored. He asked if we could wait until he finished a few things with the crew from the Carolina's, because if so he’d take us for a ride.

A ride? A ride! Even I was on my own adventure now. Wow! So much thoughtfulness.

We took a bathroom break and spoke with a few employees. Their thankfulness and praise for Brindlee was contagious - if there was a position available I was tempted to walk away from my job and do anything to work at a place whose team was inspired like this; who owned every part of what they did. My sister and my wife were incredibly impressed.


Jeremy soon returned, full of joy and excitement for my families adventure. He fired up the fire truck and my son was speechless. With a push of the button, the siren was sounding and off we went. Surely we would take one spin down the driveway and return - more than thankful for the experience. Nope, not Jeremy. We took two full loops, sirens and horns blazing. I think there was no way all of my families eyes could be any wider.

We parked the truck and hoped down. Took a few more pictures and said our goodbyes. As we drove away we called out to a few cows and got on the expressway. Our expectations were not only exceeded they were blown out of the water.

In a short while after a little chick-fil-a, the kids were fast asleep with fire truck dreams.

I have both hats on my desk now for a few plastic repairs - only because they are used daily for adventure and imagination.

Thank you Jeremy and Brindlee team for the most amazing 4th birthday I could have given my son. You made me and my wife hero’s for a day! Now what to do for a 5th birthday?