What's In Your Inbox?


Have you looked at your inbox lately? How big is the little red number indicating 'unread' emails?

Email communication can be any of these convenient, impersonal or overwhelming.

Convenient that we can track our communications. We don’t have to be in the same office or even city.

Impersonal in that the communication is often dry and it can be hard to determine the ‘tone’ of the email.

Overwhelming when the number of ‘un-read’ or ‘needs response’ emails require more time than is available.


Email can also be a great way to share ‘good news’ and allow the entire company to join in the celebration.

It happens often at Brindlee: prayer requests, thank yous for support during tough times or just celebrating the opportunity of working on fire trucks and with great people.

Last week a thread went like this:

As I read a lot of emails from the company, the love and encouragements shared are amazing!! Only being here less than a year I wanted to share some "Love" from the Fab/HRC side.

Are there struggles? 

Yes, learning something completely new is tough, but exciting at the same time. Gary and Steven definitely know their stuff. The things that are accomplished in that Shop amazes me. From welding, cutting, drilling, wiring, plumbing, foam, water, sanding, and painting. It is so exciting to see a wrecked truck come in and leave looking like new. 

Just wanted all (hope someone shares with all) to know how proud we are to work here. 



Lowell - thank you so much for the e-mail!  I totally agree - our fab shop is amazing - we have great craftsmen who work down there and make broken things new again - really incredible stuff and the pride taken in the work there is second to none!  

in Christ,




We are so thankful the Lord directed your path to BMFA ...and through a snow cone truck!!!   Y’all do such incredible work over there that we appreciate more than we can adequately express!!



What a great email!  Glad to have you here with us Lowell!



Very nice email Lowell! You guys do a great job up there in fab and turn out quality work, and we are glad you are here and part of the team!


Yes, email can be overwhelming, but it can also be a place of celebration and support.