The Lunch Bell and Values

Is it time for lunch? 

Simple question and we may not ask it verbally every day.  However, a passing thought causes us to glance at our watch or up to the clock.

Another question that goes along with ‘is it time?’ is ‘what am I going to eat?’ We might have thought of that question the night before coming to work so that a lunch could be packed or just before lunch as we try to decide where to go eat.

The answers to both of these questions are made based on a ‘life value.’ I must eat to continue to breathe.  Some people will base the answer on a more refined value, ‘I will only eat this or I will not eat this’ depending on a goal that has been set.

Have you ever thought the decision of when to eat and what to eat is based on a life value? How about this: have you thought that what you believe, your values, drive every decision you make?   Now, have you given thought to, or written down your core values? 

The next Right Now Lunch is going to be a discussion around the topic of ‘personal values.’  

The catalyst of the discussion will be the Right Now Media At Work video: Why Values Matter, determining your own values. The next set of lunches will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 6, 7 and 8.  Once you sign up for the session you will attend you will receive an email containing a link to the video.  If you want a headstart you can find the video here: Why Values Matter.

Is it time for lunch? Not yet but soon. Click the button below to reserve your spot around the table.

What am I going to eat? This time it is up to you as this will be a ‘brown bag lunch.’