One Promise

As a company, we pledge to provide opportunities for personal growth as it relates to life and work skills.

That pledge is made to every employee at Brindlee. It is included in the general training which is the baseline to everything we do.

We believe:

Leadership, being a leader, starts with leading oneself.  The foundation for readiness to lead is a self-evaluation of what are personal strengths and weaknesses.  You were hired based on the unique giftedness and talents which you bring to the BMFA team.

As a company, we fulfill the pledge by providing opportunities for personal growth related to life and work. We want to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. We want to fine-tune your strengths and sure up your weaknesses. Some training will take place on the Brindlee campus. There will be job-specific skill development opportunities and other times the training will focus on other life skills: leadership development, parenting, time management or even money management. Still, other times BMFA sends employees off campus for job training or to attend conferences.  

Just recently we had the privilege of sending two employees to Waterous Fire Pumps and Protection (one of our suppliers of water pumps) to participate in one of their training seminars.

We do believe in supporting and helping all employees become the best person and employee they can be. Hold us to it.