A Team of Teams.

With multiple offices, workspaces and even campuses a big team can often feel fragmented and even isolated by department or job function.

It takes intentional actions to communicate and work as a team.

A foundation block at Brindlee is collaboration:

...two or more people working together to realize or achieve a goal that they could not accomplish alone.

Here is a recent case where the WHOLE team came together to buy, sell and fix a fire truck.

March 2017, the PURCHASING team worked to buy this truck and it was delivered to the BMFA campus within two weeks.

1999 Freightliner Rescue

1999 Freightliner Rescue

March 2017, the MARKETING team entered the truck information into our database, had the pictures edited and posted the truck to FireTruckMall.com.

1999 Freightliner Rescue

March 2017 - January 2018 various potential buyers viewed the truck and requested information through FireTruckMall.com


January 2018 - the SALES team changed the status of the truck to SOLD.


March 2018 - the SERVICE team begins work on the customer created a punch list.



June 2018 - the SALES team host the customer for final inspection.


June 2018 - the FINANCE team works to finalize all paperwork including the collection of payment and transfer of title.

June 2018 - the customer drives home in a completed refurbished 1999 Freightliner Rescue.