“Run with Endurance the Race Set Before Us”

Running a 5k is a lot more complicated than one might think. Most people aren’t able to simply get up the day of the race and run. It requires preparation, determination, and perseverance.

Recently, two of BMFA’s salesmen, Chris Crutchfield and Jonathon Watts participated in the 5k race at the Cotton Row Run. We had the opportunity to sit down with them and ask about the experience.


Both Chris and Jonathon entered the race out of a desire to physically push themselves, but for Chris, there was a little bit more at stake. Chris had set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight by the middle of June, and preparing for this 5k helped him get closer to his goal, which was no easy task.

In the months leading up to the race, bot Chris and Jonathon put countless hours into preparing for the race. Chris went to the gym 3-5 days a week and ran for 35-40 minutes. Jonathon utilized the app Rundouble to work his way up to running a 5K before the day of the race. They both improved greatly in the weeks leading up to the race.

As the day of the race arrived, both Chris and Jonathon were ready to put the countless hours of preparation into action. For Chris, he accomplished his goal of under thirty-six minutes but felt unsatisfied as he felt his goal was too low. He was left wanting something more and will be running again with a more difficult goal in mind. Jonathon failed to accomplish his goal of under thirty minutes but is determined to make another effort to break the thirty-minute barrier.

Both Chris and Jonathon found the entire experience to be worth the effort and will be running again in the future.

Perhaps the most important experience learned from this ordeal is the importance of setting goals that are difficult to achieve in order to push ourselves and make ourselves better.

While Chris’s race goal may not have been high enough, his effort to lose weight made himself a healthier person, even though he did not achieve his goal. Jonathon may have failed to meet his race goal but is determined to keep training and try again.

*This post was co-written by two of our "DC" summer interns, Danno Cummings and Daniel Counts.