We Volunteer

Volunteer fire department membership is declining everywhere. This trend is even visible in the local VFD that supports the community of our campus.

One of the phrases spoken often around Brindlee Mountain is: we support those who serve. This statement comes to life as we help fire departments across the nation acquire, use and keep in service the best fire apparatus their budgets can fund.

Another way we support those who serve is by serving.  Sixteen of our Brindlee Mountain family are trained and available to respond during the work day to help Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department when their personnel staffing level is down to critical levels.

In the first seven months of 2018, Brindlee Mountain employees responded to 101 emergency calls directly from our campus. Our commitment is to continue to serve our local community by providing this support.

Another commitment we make is for all employee responders to be up-to-date in their training.

Out most recent training event was “MedEvac Landing Zone.”

Our campus and the community we serve is ‘rural’, therefore, a medevac helicopter is occasionally called in to transport the patient. Air Evac Lifeteam 15 came to our campus to train our personnel in setting up a Landing Zone for our Response Team. They also trained our team on what to expect from their personnel. Also to communicate what is expected from our team when the medevac is on the ground. We had great participation from our response team. We are very appreciative to Air Evac Lifeteam 15 for helping with this training.

A stated core value of Brindlee Mountain is: Display a spirit of SERVICE to customers, community and each other.

We want to continue to display this by value by being "on call" for our community.