A Story to Remember

A story to remember…

…and not a fairytale but the telling of actual events.

The customer, eager to check on a potential truck for their department, arrives two hours early beating the salesperson to campus by twenty minutes.  It turned out, actually, to be a good thing. Within those short twenty minutes, other members of the BMFA team made them feel welcomed.  In fact, the customer was ‘blown away’ by the southern hospitality they were shown. Multiple members of our team greeted them and offered to get them a cold drink or a cup of coffee.  

Know this it wasn’t just the office personnel which greeted them but also multiple members of the shop. Here is what the salesperson said about the actions of the shop team:

"I still don't understand all of the dynamics that go into this but one of the things that seem to make a huge impact on our customers is that our fire truck technicians speak to them.  I point this out to brag on the men in Blue and also to remind those guys that when you stop and say hello to a customer, thank them for coming, offer to get them a coke or water it has the same impact as 5 other people on the property doing the same thing.  Thank you to our technicians and to our guys in leadership in the shop for doing such a good job of just being friendly and welcoming to customers.  You techs probably don't have any idea how much that helps us to sell trucks and continues to build our company."

When the salesperson arrived, the customers were ready to look at the truck but more importantly, they felt at home.

If the story ended there it would be great but it continued.

During the visit, the Chief climbed under a truck in his white shirt and got oil on it.  One of our team saw this, got the chief a BMFA shirt and then did something amazing. She took his dirty shirt, put it in some water to soak. At the end of the day, she even took it home to wash it. 

After the day-long visit to Brindlee Mountain, the chief shared a dinner with the salesperson and his wife.  During the dinner conversation, the Chief recounted that story and he actually got a little choked up talking about how much BMFA means to him because of the hospitality we showed to him.

The end of the story would be great if a truck sale was made, which it was, but in a way that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the whole team treated the customer with a servant’s heart and displayed an attitude of gratitude for the visit.

People matter…

...our customers

…our vendors

…our team

Thank you team for making Brindlee Mountain a place that feels like home.