A Note from Rwanda

Brindlee Mountain is pleased for the opportunity to support a child in Rwanda through Compassion Ministries.

The child we sponsor is Fred

We recently received a letter from him.

Dear friends,

My beloved parents with who I am please, I first of all greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My family and I are doing well and I am performing well at school. I scored a 49% mark last term.

We are about to sit for exams of the 2nd term and I'd like you to pray for me to succeed.

The weather is now sunny here in Rwanda, how is it ther at your place?

We are doing well in my family. I end by wishing you the peace of God.

Your lover,

Munyaneza Fred

We recently ask our team if they would like to send notes back to Fred and the answer was yes. We are thankful for the opportunity to make an impact in Fred’s life and in so doing he is making an impact on ours.

You can learn more about the ministry of Compassion at this site.