We promise

Our promise to every employee at Brindlee is:

We promise to do everything we can

to help you become the best person you can be,

in all aspects of your life.

Some weeks there are on campus learning opportunities designed to help employees be their best at home or in the context of community. Other weeks there may be opportunities to learn how to understand themselves and how they interact with each other. Still others where Brindlee schedules skill training so we can gain knowledge and understanding of the jobs we perform. All are designed to help employees be the best they can be in all aspects of their lives.

This week’s training opportunity brought Terry Stewart the International Director and Brian Brown the Subject Matter Expert from the Fire Department Safety Officers Association to lead and train a number of our techs on ‘fire pumps.”

This intensive class was offered through a grant from the State of Alabama in conjunction with Calhoun Community College.

A number of our service techs and other fire fighters from two different states spent four days learning the intricacies of water pumps that are vital equipment on most fire trucks. The training include operation, safety, mechanics and repair of these pumps.

Brindlee believes investing in its employees so we can be the best at who we were designed to be.