This is us...

We believe we have a great work culture. It is something we focus on everyday as we strive to be the best at buying, selling and fixing used fire trucks.

It is one thing for us to make that statement but when someone from the outside recognizes our unique culture it makes us even more aware of what a special place we have here on Brindlee Mountain.

Last week we were honored to host fire industry experts to our campus as they led a five-day fire pump and accessories class for our some of our techs and other guests. Following the class we received the following letter from Terry Stewart and Brian Brown both from the Fire Department Safety Officers Association.

On behalf of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA), both of us would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the management and staff of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, in conjunction with Houston Blackwood, Alabama Calhoun Community College, for hosting the April 2019 Fire Pump Training Class.

We appreciated the opportunity to provide this in-depth, five day fire pump and accessories class as well as the Hands-On-Training (HOT) program to the technicians from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, Tennessee and Georgia.  We are confident that the technicians are now well-rounded in their knowledge of the proper plumbing, maintenance, repairs and testing criteria in order to excel in their careers; and are also well-prepared to take the F3 EVT Fire Pumps and Accessories exam.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Tim White for catering to our every need and always being one step ahead us with logistics, trucks, equipment and lunches.

Instructing this class with these Brindlee Mountain EVT's showed us a cohesive, ethical, safe, and caring culture we believe to be second to none. The interaction we had with your organization was a great example of servant leadership.  Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus management has built a tremendous culture for their employees that promotes family values, community, and customer service.

It was a pleasure to be included into the Brindlee family and culture.  And it was a blast to play volleyball with your staff and to watch Rachel serve the ball while answering calls on her headset.  She never missed a beat which is true customer service and sportsmanship.

In closing, please accept our humble thank you for your warm hospitality and allowing us to be part of your Brindlee Mountain Family.

Sincere regards,

Terry Stewart, International Director, FDSOA

Brian Brown, Subject Matter Expert, FDSOA

May we never take for granted who we are, what believe in so we will never have to define ‘this is us’ in any other way.