A Tale of Two Cities

Who knew there was another Huntsville?

A quick search reveals that there are eight cities in the United States with the name Huntsville. Probably the two best known are Huntsville, Alabama because of Marshall Space Flight Center and Missile Command and Huntsville, Texas because of a large prison.

Did you know that Huntsville, Texas was named after Huntsville, Alabama? Keep reading and you will learn about another city named after HSV.

Huntsville, Texas had its beginning about 1836 when the first postmaster in 1837, named it after his former home town, Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama.

A few weeks ago fire fighters from another Huntsville visited our campus. This one in Arkansas.

Huntsville, Arkansas was incorporated on November 14, 1877. The town was settled by people from Alabama, Tennessee, and other states. A large group of people came from Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama and managed to get the new town named after their old home. They even named the county, Madison.

The visit from the Huntsville, Arkansas team was a success as they purchased a truck for their department.

Wonder if we will have had the privilege of doing business with some of the other US cities named Huntsville?