One of the Benefits


Brindlee Moutain encourages and believes in a well-balanced life. A life that gives appropriate attending to the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects that makes up a whole person.

In recent months changes have been made and resources added which can help lead to that balance:

  • fitness activity benefit
  • Right Now Media subscription for all employees and their families
  • Right Now Lunches for team discussions, accountability, and learning
  • availability of free coaching to help employees meet professional and personal goals

A major part of living a well-balanced life is the intentional separation from work for an evening, weekend or a whole week. Our flexible schedule including for some a four-day workweek gives an opportunity for this separation. Another component of 'letting go of work' is intentional time away from work responsibilities for vacation.

At the first company meeting of 2018, a major announcement was made concerning our PTO (Personal Time Off) policy. Now each employee will earn PTO hours/days based on the years spent on the BMFA staff. 

A more detailed explanation of this revised benefit, including roll-over, can be obtained in the finance office.

We are much better employees when we have times of separation from our jobs.  Unplug, tonight, this weekend and even begin to plan for the next week away.